Psychology as Science

Welcome to the "Psychology as Science" page prepared by the U of Winnipeg Psychology Department. Most people know about psychology's many important practical roles, including: psychotherapy, school psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, forensic psychology, and so on. Fewer people realize, however, that the practice of psychology, at its very best, happens when practice is based on sound scientific research related to the applied area (e.g., learning for educational psychologists, abnormal behaviour for clinical psychologists). The purpose of this page is to introduce you to the science of psychology.

We have included here links to some illustrations of scientific psychology. Although the examples come mostly from perception and cognition, many other areas of psychology are studied scientifically as well (e.g., social psychology, developmental psychology). You can learn about these in psychology courses. To find out more about psychology at the U of Winnipeg, follow this link to the Department of Psychology Homepage.

Follow this link for a sample of the demonstrations.

Here are some excellent sites for demonstrations!

Here are some links to information about the brain!

Miscellaneous Links

Here are various other locations with information relevant to scientific psychology. Some are in quite rough form (e.g., simply copies of bookmark files with an accumulation of links over many years).