Honours Advising Process–Current Term

To be admitted or re-admitted to the Psychology Honours program and register for 4000-level Psychology courses, OR to take a 4000-level Psychology course if you are not a Psychology Honours student (e.g., you are an NSCI Honours student), please SUBMIT YOUR HONOURS DOCUMENTS approximately two weeks prior to your registration appointment to the Honours Committee:


(Important: Please use your webmail address in all your correspondence with the Honours Committee.)

You will not be able to register for 4000-level Psychology courses unless you go through this process each registration period. If you are attempting to register for a PSYC course and receive the notice “Granted petition required,” that alert refers to completing the Honours documents using the process outlined below.


It is mandatory that Psychology Honours students go through the Honours advising process in order to be re-/admitted into the Honours program OR if you are majoring in another subject area (such as NSCI) and must take a 4000-level Psychology course. The advising process is done digitally, but if one needs to discuss one’s program of study, one can make an appointment with an Honours Advisor by contacting the Honours Committee (see above).

Please note that entry to the Honours program requires completing a minimum of 30 credit hours, and re-/admission is usually done in the major registration period before one plans to take one’s first 4000-level PSYC course. Also note that entry to Honours, as well as continuation in the Honours program, or to take a 4000-level PSYC course requires a minimum 3.0 GPA (B) in Psychology courses and 2.5 GPA (C+) in courses from other subject areas/departments. Consult the UWinnipeg Psychology Department corporate website or the UWinnipeg’s Academic Calendar for other entry and continuation requirements.

Course approval is for the upcoming or current registration period only. Updates for the 2021-2022 academic year will be posted here in the weeks to come. Please do not list courses that you intend to take in future years. You must apply to be re-admitted to the Honours program during future registration periods by completing these Honours documents because your GPA must be re-assessed for eligibility.

Psychology Honours courses fill to capacity quickly, so students are strongly advised to submit their Honours Advising Forms as early as possible to avoid waitlists.

A note on PSYC 4010 & 4020 (Advanced Readings and Research in Psychology):

These courses require a faculty advisor who will create and supervise a set of advanced readings and assignments for the student. AR & R topics are typically limited to subject material not addressed in existing Honours seminars. Please consult UWinnipeg’s Academic Calendar for a basic description of these courses and secure a faculty advisor before attempting to register. Registration also requires the submission of the completed digital AR & R Contract form, available from the faculty advisor of your AR & R.


STEP 1: WebAdvisor— Obtain a copy of your transcript from WebAdvisor and plan your schedule using Student Planning under the Registration menu in WebAdvisor. The Honours Advisor will review your plan after you submit your course plan to the Honours Advisor.

STEP 2: Honours Forms—Download and complete the following Honours forms:

  • GPA Calculator [Required]—Enter the details from your most recent transcript for all of the Psychology courses you have taken into the top section of the calculator’s worksheet. Enter the details for your non-Psychology courses into the bottom section of the worksheet.
  • BA Honours Form [Required]—Complete most of the form (including the 4000-level courses that you want to register for), but leave blank the Comments and “Submitted by” sections, which your Advisor must fill in. For the section that requests your email address, please use your UW email address. Your Advisor will verify the information that you have completed on the form, such as the GPA that you have entered.


File Names: Save the GPA Calculator and BA Honours Form using the following filename convention: “yourlastname-studentnumber”.

Special Permissions: If you require permission from a faculty member to take an Honours course, then contact the faculty member and request permission to take the course. In your permission request, direct the faculty member to copy the Honours Committee Chair (see below) on the “Permission Form” sent to Registration.

STEP 3: Honours Advising Request

Prepare an e-mail using your UW webmail address for the Honours Committee with “Honours Advising Request” in the subject. In your e-mail message, please provide the date of your registration appointment.

Submit the GPA Calculator spreadsheet and BA Honours Form as attachments to the e-mail for the current Honours Committee Chair (see above).


An Honours Advisor will review your Honours forms and inform you about your eligibility to register for Honours courses. Although an appointment to meet with an Honours Advisor is optional, you may arrange to meet with the Honours Advisor who processes your Honours Forms and discuss your program of study.