March 29 Psychology Department Colloquium

[de]generate (ash alberg)

On March 29, from 12:30-1:20 in 4L28, please join Dr. Melanie Martin (Physics), Dr. Dom Di Curzio (Psychology), and artist ash alberg, for a fascinating interdisciplinary Colloquium which will discuss the intersection of cognitive neuroscience and art: Uncovering the Mysteries of Alzheimer’s Disease Deep inside the Living Brain.

“Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) provides a non-invasive means of looking deep inside a living being. We will discuss how MRI works and why it is used in hospitals. Dr. Martin’s research focuses on developing high-resolution (100 um)^3 MRI for mouse models of human diseases to understand the changes associated with disease. She will present recent advances in diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease made by UWinnipeg Psychology graduate, Heather Whittaker, and explain how physics fits into the research. ash alberg will then explain the art she made based on Dr. Martin’s research as part of the *Neurocraft program. Dr. Di Curzio, whose research was included as part of two projects in Neurocraft, will join Dr. Martin and ash to answer questions.”

* Neurocraft: a recent art exhibition held at the Health Sciences Centre that featured the collaboration of cognitive neuroscientists with craft artists. Sadly, the exhibition had to be taken down before the end date of the exhibition (March 31) due to theft and vandalism. For more information on this exhibition and its early closure, please read here and here.