A Message from the Chair of the Department of Psychology

Dr. Jim Clark, Chair, Department of Psychology

Chair’s Welcome

Welcome to the website of the Department of Psychology at the University of Winnipeg. Our department consists of 18 dedicated teachers and researchers, helpful support staff, a broad curriculum to meet diverse student interests, and many students who participate in our program out of professional or personal interest.  Psychology courses are offered in a wide array of areas, including: developmental psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, learning, neuroscience, personality, clinical psychology, organizational psychology, forensic psychology, and health psychology. Faculty members have a corresponding range of interests, a few of which are mentioned here. Our social psychologists, for example, study such varied topics as personal relationships, prejudice, societal inequalities, and organizational behaviour and leadership. Neuroscience faculty study such phenomena as drug addiction, the processing of emotional stimuli, and the debilitating effects of head injury and other brain insults. Our developmental faculty members examine the processes involved in reading, including deficits associated with dyslexia, and how people become moral exemplars. Others study many additional fascinating topics.The excellence of the research and teaching in the department is attested to by the many faculty members whose research is supported by national granting agencies, by the numerous students who take our courses, by testimonials from alumni, and by the achievements of former students who go on to succeed either in graduate school and the profession of psychology, or in other career choices. A sound background in psychology benefits people’s professional and personal lives in many ways. Please browse around our website to find out more about what we have to offer students at UWinnipeg. And if you have additional questions or seek further information don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail or visit in person at 4L41, the Psychology Office. All the best for your university experience and we hope that psychology can help to enhance your time at UWinnipeg.

Best wishes,

Jim Clark
Professor and Chair of Psychology